I started MesaHost.com after many years, over a decade, of working in the hosting industry.

The two main reasons behind starting MesaHost.com are as follows;

1. As I worked with other hosting companies, before I started MesaHost.com, I was reading and hearing complaints from customers about advertisements and click through up selling pages in their control panel. Customers wanted a more pure control panel experience without all the interruptions that slowed them down when trying to modify their accounts hosting control panel options.
I provide you with a pure cPanel control panel experience with no advertisements or click through pages asking you to upgrade this and that. Click through advertisements trying to up sell you interferes with the tasks that you need to carry out by slowing you down as you have to click past those pages. These advertisements also slow down the over all experience of the control panel from all the added code.

2. Customers having their data removed that wasn’t linked to from their website. Web Hosts that provide unlimited storage space will not allow you to use the hosting account as a private storage space and will delete the data that is not linked to from your website.
I provide you with Dedicated Disk Space. Dedicated Disk Space means that you can store any data anywhere on your account at any time within the disk space that you are allocated. Dedicated Disk Space also means that you can be sure that there are only so many clients per server. We are not overselling our hard drive space to fit as many accounts as we can on one machine.
I hope and know that you will enjoy your experience with MesaHost.com.

Sign up for an account today and experience the excellence.

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